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Audio Transfers

TIRED OF REWINDING? – Let us digitize your old sound recordings. You won’t believe how much better they’ll sound, and your new CD will last forever.  

ABC Photo can convert any non-copyrighted recording to a disk:

  • Audio tapes: standard and mini-sized cassettes
  • Phonograph records: 78s, 45s, 33s
  • Reel-to-reel tapes

EASY TO HEAR AND PLAY – What about all those crackles and hisses? Our noise reduction technology will restore your listening pleasure. Plus, your new CD will be easy to play on today’s equipment — good luck finding a cassette player these days. Audio-cassette-tapes-converted-to-CD-Pittsburgh

Don’t delay: Old tapes are deteriorating fast and more likely to break every time you play them. Often we can fix them, but it’s best to digitize ASAP.

ASK THE LOCAL EXPERTS – Not many places in western Pennsylvania are capable of audio digitizing. ABC Photo has years of experience and will make your old audio tapes sound great.

We do all our own work in-house. So there’s no need to worry about sending your one-of-a-kind recordings through the mail.

Digitize-reel-to-reel-audio-tape-PittsburghQuestions? Call today for a free, expert consultation: 724-934-1118.

Or just gather up your tapes and come see us — we are conveniently located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, close to I-79.