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Photo Restorations

PHOTO RESTORATION SPECIALISTS – No matter how old or damaged your photo is, ABC Photo can restore it. 

We also restore documents such as old letters, diplomas, wedding certificates and newspaper clippings.   

Call 724-934-1118 or visit us for a free in-store consultation and estimate. Each project is individually priced, and we will offer different options that fit your budget.


Photo Restoration PittsburghRestoration of a Badly Damaged Photo

Much of the background and part of the subject herself were missing from the torn, spotted, moldy and faded original. 

Photo Repair PittsburghWater-Damaged Photographs Can Be Fully Restored

When photos get wet, the emulsion can separate from the paper — that is, the photographic chemicals dissolve, ruining the color and distorting the image. The “after” photo shows a corrected color balance and a recreated background.

Locket Photo Enlargement PittsburghA Damaged Locket Photo is Enlarged to a 5×7 Portrait

A tiny round locket photo, just 1-1/2 inches in diameter, required extensive restoration before it could be enlarged to a 5×7.   

Glass Negative Restoration PittsburghRestoration of a Rare 19th-Century Glass Negative

A rare photographic technique during the 19th century used a piece of glass for a negative. Here, the glass broke. The “after” photo includes new background to make the rectangular-shaped photo the owner wanted.

Photo Colorizing Pittsburgh

Colorizing Photos
Any sepia or black-and-white photo can be colorized. The new version is based on the owner’s recollection of the children’s clothing, hair and eye color.  

Photo-Restorations-PittsburghWhen Do-It-Yourself Photo Repairs Go Wrong …

Probably the worst do-it-yourself photo repair involves tape. Quickly, residue from the tape contaminates the emulsion. This photograph required extensive restoration. We removed the writing in the upper left corner.

Faded Photo Restored PittsburghOld, Faded Photographs Can Be Restored to Full Color

The original color photo was so faded and dirty it looked black-and-white. Probably it had been exposed to light and to temperature fluctuations.

Torn Photo Restoration PittsburghMissing Parts of a Badly Damaged Photograph Are Recreated

Much of the subject was missing from the torn, wrinkled, scribbled-on “before” photo.

Mold Damaged Photo RestorationA 19th-Century Photo Comes Into Clear View Again

Over a century old, the original image was barely visible under layers of dirt and mold. 

Water Damaged Photo Pittsburgh PAA Hundred-Year-Old Photograph Looks Better Than New

The original image, likely from the early 20th century, may have been stored in a basement, garage or attic, where it got dirty and moldy.