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Photo Repair: Don’t Try This At Home

Photo-Restorations-PittsburghNot long ago, someone brought us a sad example of a do-it-yourself photo repair. It was a torn-up photograph patched together with cellophane tape.

Tape is probably the worst thing you can use on a photo. It contaminates the emulsion (photographic chemicals), and pretty quickly ruins the picture.

Fortunately, restoration was possible. But we beg you: the next time you’re tempted to do-it-yourself — don’t.

Here are some other situations we hope you’ll leave to us:

Photo is stuck to the glass in the frame: Don’t try to pry it off. Bring us the photo, frame and all. Usually we can remove it safely.

Photo is extremely fragile: Sometimes an old photo is so fragile it will tear or crack or crumble if you try to take it out of the frame. We see this a lot in pre-1900 photos that were printed on a type of cardboard. Again, bring us the photo still in the frame. Our professional custom framer will remove the photo for you. Usually, she can accomplish that without damage; certainly, she will cause less damage that you would yourself.

Photo is stuck in an album: This is a common problem in magnetic albums dating back to the 1950s and 1960s, but it can happen in any album if moisture creeps in between the picture and the plastic overlay. Bring the whole album to ABC Photo. Sometimes we can remove it safely. If we can’t, we’ll say so.

Even if we can’t safely remove a photo from a frame or album, we still can work with it. Restoration may be more difficult, but not impossible.

Questions? Call us 724-934-1118. Or just bring your problem project to us in the Pine Tree Shoppes, Wexford — see the map here.

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