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You Set the Pace: Converting Home Movies, Slides and Videos to DVD

Home-movies-videotapes-slides-converted-to-DVDLast December, a customer walked into our store with a big box stuffed with videotapes. He wanted us to convert the tapes to DVDs, but not all at once. Could we do the job over time?

A lot of people ask us this, and we’re happy to oblige. Suppose you’ve discovered a forgotten cache of home movies in your mom’s attic, or some vintage slides dating back to grade school. ABC Photo can digitize the entire lot in a matter of days — or over many weeks and months. You set the pace. We’ll work on your timetable, within your budget.

Slides, videotapes and film (8mm, Super8mm and 16mm) all can be transferred to DVD. Just let us know the proper sequence, so we don’t put your graduation ahead of your baby pictures. Figure on about two hours of images per DVD.

The other day, that customer from last December picked up his final DVD, covering the last of the 50 videos he’d brought us a year earlier. So don’t let your big box of memories daunt you — bring it over today!

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